Castle in the Sky, a lesson from Sword Art Online

2 min readJan 16, 2022


People have forgotten what it is like to be a child. To just lay down on the grass, looking up into the clouds and the stars and wondering what it would be like to be amongst them. I heard a guy at my day job once say, “The dream is over.” He was telling us about one of his siblings and their desire to still make music when they are well into their 40’s. “There is a time when you must realize that you need to just give up on that and go out and get a real job.”

If you pay attention as you walk around you will notice most people are likened to walking zombies. If you look into their eyes you just see a person void of all emotion and they are wait die. I still remember one day as I was in the party district of town. As the effects of the alcohol wore off, I started to see the sad people that were stalking the streets around me. They weren’t happy, they were numbing themselves to deal with their dismal existence.

People look down on the billionaires in the space race. Their argument is that their money could be spent on doing something much more useful here on the planet rather than wanting to go into space. Outside of me believing that it’s clearly THEIR money and they can do WHATEVER they wish with it. I also wonder, would the money exist if they didn’t have the dream to go out into space one day? These were clearly the men who never forgot what it meant to be a child. Sir Richard Branson, a man who is in his 70’s is still happy and enthusiastic well into his old age. Perhaps behind every record he sold or plane he flew he had at the back of it just a desire to be in space. My question is how dare you condemn him for living out his lifelong dream?

I firmly believe that when your vision starts to deteriorate, the body, no matter in what condition, follows. Your highest duty is what you set up to be. If it’s to mankind, then it’s to mankind. If it’s for some ideal then that’s what it is.

For some, we just want to build or visit our own steel castle floating in the sky. Whatever that may mean to us…

Much love,