Cut Manipulation out of Your Life

2 min readMar 2, 2022


No one likes being manipulated but oftentimes we do it without thinking about it. Our parents taught us guilt like it’s a tool but in reality that isn’t right. Let me tell you my perception of it.

The Story.

Was serving a customer a bit back and he offered to buy me a beverage. I graciously accepted not thinking about how there may be strings attached. When I was done the bill came out to what the estimate was but still he complained and afterwards tried to get free labor. Then he of course stated that he gave me a free drink. I eyeballed him coldly, pulled a few dollars out my pocket and gave it to him. Since that day I have not accepted anything from him since.

What I Learned.

Here is something I believe to the core of my being. A gift is a gift. It isn’t a strategy for future favors. When giving a gift it should be from the heart or not at all. At the very least never expect anything from it. In my opinion it’s at the top of the list of shady practices.

When you smile at someone, actually smile at them. Don’t think about how your smile will make them easier to work with. When you compliment, don’t flatter, tell them what you genuinely appreciate about them. Have an actual conversation, an actual moment and enjoy it. If it helps the transaction go smoother then it’s a bonus but do not treat it as a tool.

A belief I hold near and dear to my heart is “everything bleeds into everything.” If you are a treacherous person at the job, that person will eventually start coming out to your friends and loved ones. You lying and cheating to advance yourself will only bring ruin to your home life as well. Best case scenario you make it to the top but you built it on lies and deception. One thing I can promise is all your new “friends” are just like you. Meaning you will always be looking behind your back.

Always be watchful of your little habits. They will form the rest of your life. And remember you are either honest or dishonest. There is no in-between.

Much love,