Infatuated with a lie. Story of Rose and Irene. Part 3

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Before I could go on Irene interjected.

“I am glad you called me today and although I am intrigued to hear the rest of this the best advice I can give you is to move on. She has been playing bait and switch with you and based on your past experiences with she gets a hard pass in my book. Move. On.” “Irene I am not even halfway done with the story yet, how can you be so sure”? “Oh, I am more than sure. I am certain I am right. I seen this too many times Horus. I know you love your games, but they may become your undoing unless you find a better outlet.”

I paused then and just thought for a bit. Irene and I shared a non verbal dialogue.

We have known for a little while my love for the games of life is comparable to a double-edged sword. I am more alive than ever when I am in the mist of them and my purist to get better has pushed me to higher and higher levels of achievement. I am no longer an “average person” I am special. However it has also placed me in many a dangerous situation. The scary thing is even in the danger a part of me smiles. I cant lie, a part of me gets a rush from it.

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Give me the pain, give me sadness, give me happiness, give me love, give me hate, give me riches. I want to obtain all there is from this worldly experience. I know there are things on that list I don’t want to live with, but I still want to experience them. After a time I can just cast out what I don’t want.

Off and on I do scare myself. I really don’t know how far I would be willing to go in purist of the thrill and that illusive feeling. The desire for the swirling chaos life can offer can be related to a drug. You desire something that you know can have harmful repercussions. But you still want it because it feels so damn good.

Irene started to smile. She had gone through all of that and then some. I expect she knows what internal revelation is to await me at the end of this journey but I am committed to finding out for myself.

Back at the Winery/café the woman whom I asked to join me started to tell me more about the leadership training. I listened on as she discussed how transformational it was and how she is telling everyone she can. When I felt the moment was right, I got the name from her. After receiving it I opened up and told her a little bit about how another woman I know was likely talking about this too. I got her contact information and told her I will reach out to the other woman to see if I was right.

After leaving the winery I texted rose the name of the leadership training and she replied with “Yes.”

“Oh, so it was the same thing.” Irene asked “yes it was” I responded. “what is it anyway”? “So, it turns out I was partially right about it. It is a traveling seminar like event. They do the normal three intense days of training.” “interesting” “yes, it is. I am already a part of a group that has those too. In fact, when this happened, I already paid to go to the next event in a few months.’ “Oh really!” she replied “Where is it going to be held” I smile broadly and say “New Orleans!” Irene puts her elbows on the table, cups her hands and then rests her head in the gap. She returns my smile and said “Horus the food there will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You may not want to leave!” “Yes I am most definitely looking forward to it. Obviously, I get something out of them. that is why I continue to go but two things stopped me from attending the one Rose tried to get me in.”

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Irene leaned back into her chair then asked, “What are the two things”? “As you know events like that cant be free so when I looked it up online, I found the price. It is $4,000.” “Really. $4,000” “Yes $4,000. I mean the price isn’t the main thing. I looked up the people putting on the training and I wasn’t impressed. I would pay to see someone like Tony Robbins for that price, but they had the speakers on the website and after looking them up none of whom impressed me too much. Perhaps I would pay to see them but it wouldn’t be $4,000”

Irene was quit for a moment. She held her stare at me as she took a deep sip from her latte, finishing it actually. She the said “Horus I take back what I said before about moving on. I dare say you now you need to run. Run far away from this woman.” I laugh for a little and say “I’ll tell you what Irene. We aren’t even at the worse part.”

I tell rose that I was interested, but not interested enough to pay $4,000 to see them. She wished to talk to me about it in person.

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It was a Sunday evening and I was at a community center my friend owns. After him and I chat for a bit he goes back to work and I enjoy the show. On Sunday evenings they hold a dance class for people wanting to learn how to Salsa. The young and the old all got on the floor and it was fun to watch. I was seated on a bench admiring the show when rose contacted me. She asked for my location and said she would be there soon.

When she arrived, I was a little blown away. As she searched around for me, I admired her. She was decked out at her ability to do so. I wore a simple grey polo shirt, jeans and some blue boat shoes, she came out looking amazing. For her top she wore a flowing light blue buttoned blouse with sleeves that went to her mid forearm and the bottom portion ended at the waist. Her pants were loosely fitted white linen that ended right above the ankles. Her shoes were white high heels and to finish her outfit off she had a set of gold earrings. When she noticed where I was, she smiled. I breathlessly smiled back and she made her way towards me. Her long jet black hair bounced as she walked.
We embraced, she asked me a little bit about the community center then about my day. I could see the shift in her eyes when she was ready to REALLY, talk. I stayed seated on the bench and she stood before me. She asked as she did a little spin and made a pose, smiling from ear to ear. “Tell me Horus. Do you notice anything different about me”? I replied, returning her smile “Not really. I mean you seem really happy, but I doubt that is what you are getting at.” She dropped her pose, shifted one hand to her hip and said, “Well then tell me are you looking for a girlfriend at the moment”? I shrug make a slight smile and say nonchalantly “if I find the right lady I might be interested.” I could tell at some point Rose had braces because her teeth were well kept too. She gave me a devious smile after saying that.

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At that point she did something very unexpected. She came and sat with me on the bench but not in a conventional way. She on my right side but shifted so that her legs were on each side of the bench. She then moved toward me so that her face was a few inches from mine. Her legs wrapped around either side of me as well as her arms. Of course she was wearing perfume and of course it smelled heavenly . She said in a low voice “Horus. You need to do this. Tell me. Do you trust me?”

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At the café Irene called over one of the servers and muttered to him something in Italian. The server smiled, nodded his head and walked away. “What just happened”? I asked. With her head still facing the direction of the server her eyes met mine. She gave me a hard look and replied “I ordered some wine. I know you well enough to guess you didn’t do anything stupid but being that you invited me here I am not certain.”



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