Money alone isn’t enough. Find your truth

3 min readMar 8, 2022


We all need to find our own truth. We all need to find a specific reason why we want to get out of bed everyday. I absolutely love money, yes I just stated that. Fuck what the masses say because I love what it can do for me and the experiences I can create because of it. However, it alone doesn't give me enough of a reason to get up each day. If you are looking for someone to listen to, start with someone with plenty of life experiences. At one point I was in a position that allowed me to live the lifestyle I wanted to live and to save upwards of a thousand dollars a month without really even budgeting myself. That being said, I can tell you some of the upsides and the limits of income.

The thing about money is, it alone gives an hollow victory. The thing that gives me the greatest amount of satisfaction is knowing that I’m doing humankind a service. The knowledge of the effort I put in today will be enjoyed by the masses for years to come fills me in ways I can’t describe. If we can all find a mission that fulfills us along with lines our pockets then we win.

If you are depressed then go out and experience life. Try to look at a try and see the perfection. God, Allah, the universe, infinite intelligence or whatever you want to call it made it perfect. Look at how the leaves are organized perfectly. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing it is also made to function perfectly. This tells me there is a power that runs through the world, this can’t be by accident. Yes mankind makes its impression on it but there is no doubt a power or soul that moves things forward.

What I wish for people to recognize is that the world is a big place with lots of issues. The issue with the media and all the sad people around you is, they live in that dark place of sadness and despair. What people forget is, there are tons of amazing things happening on the daily too. There are new activities to try, as well as movies to see. I promise you as well as you think you know your town there is more to out there. There is a street you haven't walked down yet as well as a sophisticated or hole in the wall restaurant you have yet to try too. There is new music and such being made and if you don’t believe me ask someone you don’t know what their favorite new song is. I promise it will take you to a new world.

In closing I wish to state that when in doubt express yourself in the way most suited to you. Smile as you are creating and doing something that benefits us all. Don’t worry about fixing what’s around you, fix what’s within you and everything else will fall into place. Don’t allow the world’s despair to engulf you.

Much love,