Stop Complaining and learn to handle it with Class.

2 min readFeb 15, 2022


Was relaxing with an old mentor of mine a few years back. I just happened to ask about how his wife was. He casually replied “oh she is well. She just moved out a few weeks ago and took my son with her.” Me being caught completely off guard by this, I more or less shouted; “WHAT DUDE!!!! You are going through a divorce!” He gave a mild shrug and stated,“Well right now we are separated, the divorce doesn’t happen until later.” “How are you holding up man? I know your business has taken a hit recently too.” What he said next is a quote I will take with me forever. He said, “I look at it like this Horus, these other people have problems. I just have a financial situation. It will work out.”

I just have a financial situation…

I never really broadcast it but I’ve had my fair share of issues. Throughout it all I know since I’m healthy, relatively young, and alive I can’t really complain about much. As another mentor of mine says “Any Day above ground is a good day.” Going back to my friend going through a divorce, I been in communication with him for weeks but he never brought up his issues once. He did it all with class, I guess that’s why I made him my mentor. Also, if you are curious he is better than ever these days.

In closing please don’t get me wrong, venting and sharing your challenges with a friend is a good thing. However, the thing I see off and on is people getting addicted to telling the world every little sad thing that happens to them. Its almost as if they are gaining a feeling of importance by doing this. I’m halfway certain that if you do a quick scroll on social media you will see certain people who habitually complain about everything going on in the world. Instead of solutions all I hear are complaints and instead of how to move forward they are stuck in the past. Then they attract people who just love to talk about their sad lives too.

Make the decision today that you won’t tolerate more than at absolute max a few moments of complaining when something unexpected comes your way. It would be better to never complain again but lets just start there. If you have some friends you really care for tell them that you will support them but most of your energy will be directed towards solutions rather than dwelling in the past.

Move forward everyday and handle it with class.

Much love,