Why you never really “Make It”

2 min readDec 16, 2021


“Thanks Momma. I’m so happy I made it!” It’s what I heard my roommate say as he was on the phone. We both just finished the Navy’s version of boot camp and now we were at the next phase. They put us in a school of sorts so we could start learning our jobs. I remembered feeling puzzled as to why he felt that he made it as I looked around at the room we would share until the government shipped us out after a year. The little room consisted of 4 beds with desks underneath. It was so small that when we got dressed we usually bumped into each other. It wasn’t a bad setup but I damn sure wouldn’t call it good either. I remember thinking after he said that; “What the fuck about this is making it?”

I believe that in life most of us have been fed a false formula. We believe that there is a final destination we all should be going for. This is untrue. You never get there because you are always getting there. As soon as you get where you think you want to be, the finish line moves.

If you find yourself on the “top” you realize that you are on the bottom of the top because you just became the worst of the best…

The scary thing is soon as you think you “made it.” You start to relax a little and that’s when others begin to over take you.

My solution to this is to never stop going. Make peace with the fact that you will be progressing until you die. If you desire to just stop going and stay where you are, keep in mind the amount of people who don’t live much longer after they retire.

Much love,